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Randy is an fun innovative puzzle game which constantly challenges players to think on the spot as they help Randy through 80, colorful, puzzling levels, as robots try to block your path and capture Randy for scrap metal! 

Randy is an ordinary transport robot in an enormous warehouse. One day a container falls on Randy and his navigation unit stops working! This isn't good, because all robots which don’t work are sent away to become scrap metal. 
Help Randy repair his navigation unit by guiding him through the massive warehouse while avoiding dangers along the way. 

Helping Randy isn’t going to be easy. The warehouse has tiles which can be rotated, but only in one direction. Left! 


- 80 visually rich levels 
- 5 short animations to tell Randy’s story 
- A wide range of unlockable Customization's 
- Intuitive one-touch controls 
- Universal (play on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) 
- iCloud Support (Continue your game on all your devices) 
- Twitter Support 
- Facebook Support 







for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch