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H.M.W.S was created by Random Studios Co-Founder & Creative Director, Andrew Kite, in 3 weeks for the Oculus and IndieCade VRJam, and is a Free to Play game. The Oculus Rift Headset is required to play H.M.W.S.


H.M.W.S places players in a virtual training simulator in order to train the user in proper use of Head Mountable Weaponry.


The player will play through scenarios where they must defeat Drones of the simulator to progress. The player is rewarded at the end of each scenario with amazing visuals as the world shifts around them to form paths to the next encounter.


Earn system high scores and see if friends can beat them!


The controls were designed to accommodate players lack of visibility while wearing the Rift headset so you can worry more about the game and less about finding keys on a keyboard!

Designed for Oculus Rift

Xbox Controller Support



Version 1.12

- Added controller Vibration support

- Fixed known bug where player will not move to next area


Download Links:

PC: Download Server 1

Mac: Coming Soon