Social Media Kismet Pack - Available Now!         11/11/13

There are a few limitations to Kismet however, such as the lack of Facebook and Twitter integration. While working on our games we have created two Kismets which integrate Facebook and Twitter into your games without the need to code, and we have made them available for smaller developers to easily integrate these features into their games as well!


You can head over to our Youtube channel to see how easy it is to integrate these into your games made in UDK, or select the links below:

Facebook Kismet Tutorial Part 1
Facebook Kismet Tutorial Part 2
Twitter Kismet Tutorial


So what are you waiting for? Download this pack and start adding social content in your UDK games now!

Are you developing your own games? And are using the Unreal Development Kit?


As you may not have known, Random Studios develops their games using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), it is a great program for developing games for both PC and Mobile!

While working on a few of our own projects we found that there are a lot of upcoming developers using UDK as well, and during that time we also found that there is a need for quicker ways for these developers to integrate Social content in their games.

UDK has a great system for Designers and Artist who may not have much programming skills, this is called Kismet.
Kismet is a visual scripting system that allows Designers and Artists to create a game without touching a single line of code!